Management, Sales, Head Qual. Manag.

Burkhard Prochaska

Phone +49 2732 5852-36
eMail prochaska(at)

Sales, Technical, EDP, Spare parts

Jörn Gerhardus

Phone +49 2732 5852-32
eMail gerhardus(at)

Order processing, Delivery

Heike Tillessen

Phone. +49 2732 5852-30


Alfried Baumann

Phone +49 2732 5852-26
eMail baumann(at)

Finance and payroll bookkeeping

Claudia Hobus

Phone +49 2732 5852-27
eMail hobus(at)

Op. management, Welding supervisor

Andreas Löb

Phone +49 2732 5852-23
eMail loeb(at)

The Lohenner GmbH Team in Kreuztal, Germany

Consulting, development and implementation: The LOHENNER team will happily support you in all business sectors.

As technically experienced specialists, we use modern production techniques as well as offer services in all aspects of Loheco pressure tank production. Both in the area of ​​our standard portfolio as well as in the production of special containers, our customers trust in our reliability, creativity and flexibility.


Julian Freier

Phone +49 2732 5852-31
eMail freier(at)

QM, Documentation

Klaus Langenbach

Phone +49 2732 5852-21
eMail langenbach(at)

Order processing, Delivery

Caroline Vetter

Phone. +49 2732 5852-28
eMail vetter(at)


Elena Reimer

Phone +49 2732 5852-25
eMail reimer(at)

Approval, Documentation

Patrizia Battaglia

Phone +49 2732 5852-22
eMail battaglia(at)

Deputy welding supervisor

Frank Roma

Phone +49 2732 5852-33
eMail roma(at)

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